1.Wine is my passion. I'm not keen on the snobbery or elitism of wine, that's not what it's about - I just really enjoy it.—— Mick Hucknall

2.My husband and I do love a really great red wine.—— Margaret Brennan

3.Walla Walla is where I make wine, with Eric Dunham. He and I partnered up on a small project for me. We make pretty good cabernet and syrah.—— Kyle MacLachlan

4."There is a wine in an eternal love!"—— Fahad Basheer

5."The Fiddle Creek Steakhouse [in Stephenville, TX] started selling what they called an 'Alien Secretion' shot: ¾ shot of Malibu rum, ¾ shot of melon or Midori liqueur, ½ ounce of sweet and sour mix, ½ ounce of pineapple juice."—— Steve Volk  "Fringe-ology: How I Tried to Explain Away the Unexplainable-And Couldn't"

6.I prefer old-world wines like Lafite Rothschild and Margaux.—— Ernie Els

7.Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words.—— Plautus

8.Best wine if you're stranded on a deserted island? 1982 Salon Champagne.—— Gary Vaynerchuk

9."Ars Longa Which is crueller

Vita Brevis life or art?"

—— Robert Hayden  "Collected Poems"

10."What is the deepest loss that you have suffered? If drinking is bitter, change yourself to wine. —from Sonnets to Orpheus II, 29 Rainer Maria Rilke"—— Kate Bernheimer  "xo Orpheus: Fifty New Myths"

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11.This young wine may have a lot of tannins now, but in five or 10 years it is going to be spectacular, despite the fact that right now it tastes like crude oil. You know this is how it is supposed to taste at this stage of development.—— Itzhak Perlman

12."Wine is sunlight, held together by water."—— Galileo Galilei

13.Oh Cup-bearer, set my glass afire with the light of wine!—— Hafez

14.It is fitting that yesteryear's swashbuckling newspaper reporter has turned into today's solemn young sobersides nursing a glass of watered white wine after a day of toiling over computer databases in a smoke-free, noise-free newsroom.—— Russell Baker

15."Today is the time of my youth

I drink wine because it is my solace;

Do not blame me, although it is bitter it is pleasant,

It is bitter because it is my life."

—— Omar Khayy m

16.Amy Winehouse and Paul Weller are examples of poets, I think.—— Jools Holland

17."A letter from Jonathon Binns, a medical expert, written in 1772, advised the mother of a baby to "give him a little red or white wine every day. He may at different times take about one glass; but be very cautious of it if his eyes be somewhat sore and inflamed. Red port is preferable to white, provided he is sufficiently open in his belly."3"—— Janet Gleeson  "Privilege and Scandal: The Remarkable Life of Harriet Spencer, Sister of Georgiana"

18.Corney & Barrow are proud to have the royal warrant, meaning that they provide the Palace with some of the greatest - and necessarily most expensive - wines from around the world. I am pleased to say that they also hold my own warrant, for providing exceptional wines at - surprisingly - modest prices.—— Simon Hoggart

19."It was lovely wine, soft and full of flowers."—— Anne Rivers Siddons  "Colony"

20."Like cider and aged wine I was desired,

desired like the sheer blue cascade

that dazzles the eyes of the thirsty."

—— Gabriela Mistral  "Madwomen: Poems of Gabriela Mistral"