01.Wine is bottled poetry.—— Robert Louis Stevenson

02."[Wine is] poetry in a bottle."—— Clifton Fadiman

03."If I could tell you about Red

I would sing to you of fire Sweet like cherries

Burning like cinnamon Smelling like a rose in the sun"

—— Dixie Dawn Miller Goode  "Rainbows Around Us"


Here's the red

The red of love

The fire that burns

Within my soul

The reddest red

I've ever known

The flame untouched

Ignited coal

Here's the red

The red of pain

That stinging pain

No one must know

The deepest red

I've ever felt

The emptiness

The mourning soul

Here's the red

The red I knew

That exalted fire

That once ignited you

The reddest red

I ever knew…

The deepest red

I ever knew…"

—— Trisha North  "Safe: The Places I Go in My Head to Feel Acceptance & Peace"

05."Red", I write "is the color of life. It's blood, passion, rage. It's menstrual flow and after birth. Beginnings and violent end. Red is the color of love. Beating hearts and hungry lips. Roses, Valentines, cherries. Red is the color of shame. Crimson cheeks and spilled blood. Broken hearts, opened veins. A burning desire to return to white."—— Mary Hogan  "Pretty Face"

06."The first duty of wine is to be red. Don't talk to me of your white wines."—— Henri Murger

07."He sends me a poem; red roses whispering passion, white roses breathing love…"—— Soulla Christodoulou  "Alexander and Maria"

08."she's an old wine; a 1972 antique

two bottoms of georgia and jersey

old wine, die hard. stains her cassock

morning rush after dawn, breaking

the city lights out

clock work

jasmine, sapphire"

—— Nii Yeboah Norton Nortey

09."I loved that Amy Lowell poem when I first read it, how her lover was like red wine at the beginning and then became bread. But that has not happened to me. My loves remain wine to me, yet I become too quickly bread to them."—— Lily King  "Euphoria"

10."There is a wine in an eternal love!"—— Fahad Basheer

red wine poem

11."Another Christmas Poem

Blood Christmas, here again.

Let us raise a loving cup:

Peace on earth, goodwill to men,

And make them do the washing-up."

—— Wendy Cope


A strip of water's spread in the setting sun,

Half the river's emerald, half is red.

I love the third night of the ninth month,

The dew is like pearl; the moon like a bow."

—— Bai Juyi

13."Dry wine for bad spirits,

brandy for heartache

oh, my Hot Pink Peach,

it is my privilege to reach

within your sweet feverings"

—— Henry Virgin  "Hot Pink Peach"

14.Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words.—— Plautus

15."That's what poems are for,

unlivable love."

epigraph to "In Lilac-Light"

—— Tess Gallagher  "Midnight Lantern: New and Selected Poems"

16."The Wine of Love

The wine of Love is music,

And the feast of Love is song:

And when Love sits down to the banquet,

Love sits long:

Sits long and ariseth drunken,

But not with the feast and the wine;

He reeleth with his own heart,

That great rich Vine."

—— James Thomson

17."deep red Queen Elizabeth roses,"—— Sandy Tolan  "The Lemon Tree: An Arab, a Jew, and the Heart of the Middle East"

18.Wine writers have been around for almost as long as there has been wine, but in the past, generally speaking, most wine writing was uncritical and emphasized wine as a romantic, historic beverage. Criticism and comparative tastings were eschewed for fear of offending the trade, which most writers depended upon for survival.—— Robert M. Parker, Jr.

19."Wine is sunlight, held together by water."—— Galileo Galilei

20.My husband and I do love a really great red wine.—— Margaret Brennan